Black walnut

Live Edge

Talk about an amazing wood grain. This was an amazing project that ended up on 2″ and 3″ slabs as well as multiple 4 by lumber.Impressive and hardwood. My mill performed amazingly well and my customer was stunned with the results.

Black walnut milling

Live Edge Slabs

This job ended up with a lot of live edge slabs ranging from 1 to 3” thick and up to 33” wide. The logs weren’t staged ahead of time but the customer rented a skid steer that moved the logs and the heavy slabs with ease.

Sitka Spruce

Jumbo spruce logs

These jumbo spruce logs ended up making quite a stack of 2×6’s. After 15 hours of milling 2×6’s, we had one overloaded trailer and another stack on the ground.